The Foundations of a Successful Business

We Will Guide You

Through Creating A Business Plan

Think Forward's Foundation is the basis of every great business. If this is strong then so is what comes from it. With this business plan we take you back to basics, asking what and why you came up with your idea. We look at ways to create easy processes, so you have confidence to take your business to the next level.

What You Get

A Comprehensive Business Plan

In the Foundation sessions we work through your business structure, if your business concept is complex we will take time to unpack and understand before moving forward.

We will discuss your goals and write down what you want from your business, this could be more time, money or freedom. We ensure that what your trying to achieve matches your business structure.

Business plan

Business Plan & Structure

competitive analysis

Competitive Analysis & Positioning

Business goals

Company Values & Goal Setting

buyer personas

Ideal Buyer Profile & Customer Persona

business kpi's

Benchmarking & KPI Setup

business plan implementation

Roadmap & Implementation Guide

How Does It Work?

Our Business Plan Process

Our 5 step process to develop the foundations for your business


We learn about you, your goals and your business. We take the time to understand your “why” and what you have done thus far

  • Initial Consultation

    We sit down, usually with a coffee, and discuss your business. The more detail we get the better informed our plan will be.

  • Foundation questionnaire

    This the information we need to know, we will be creating a business foundation to build upon, so we need to be able to engineer the right structure

  • Competition

    Who do you think are your competition? Let’s figure out how you compare to them and where you want to position your business

  • Customers

    Who are your customers? We talk to you about your ideal customers and what that looks like in terms of an Ideal Buyer Profile (IBP) and Customer Persona

  • Goals & Values

    Where are you now? And where do you want to be? We will help to define your business and personal goals and match your business values with your brand

  • Benchmarking

    By understanding where you are now, we can determine the right steps to build on your foundation and have something to measure the progress against

Who Is It For?

All Businesses Need A Business Plan

This package is for anyone in business that needs the foundations clearly defined and planned.  Whether you've been in business 10 years or 10 seconds, every business needs to plan. 

We will work with you to understand and determine the values of your business, evaluate benchmarks and key performance indicators and make sure you have an implementation plan to move your business forward.

We strengthen your strengths and work with you to mitigate any potential risks. This incorporates advice around company structure and set up through to supporting the development of your team and creating a marketing plan.