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We help bring clarity from the chaos. Expert consultancy, mentoring, coaching and support for you and your business, whatever stage of development.

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We help bring clarity from the chaos. Expert consultancy, mentoring, coaching and support for you and your business, whatever stage of development.

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Success and growth in business is attained through clarity, trusted counsel and smart delegation

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success begins with a solid foundation

Strategy Development

An astute and robust marketing foundation represents the baseline strategy behind your digital marketing and sales cycle.  It informs your overall approach by drilling down and examining who your target market is, how to talk to them in a way they understand, and what information they are looking for at each stage of the sales cycle.  

The Marketing Foundation step-by-step workflow allows us to work collaboratively to form a better understanding of who your ideal buyers are and how to communicate with them in a way that truly resonates.  By speaking their language and meeting their specific needs, we develop a blueprint for nurturing your relationship with potential clients and moving them from stranger to customer, and eventually brand advocate.  

For businesses seeking clarity, direction and a defined road map to success, talk to our experienced strategists today.



Business Coaching

Business owners frequently face many and varied challenges as they attempt to navigate their ships through occasional choppy waters: there’s very little our experienced business coaches haven’t seen and learned from.

Using the principle of the ‘3 Ps’ (
Purpose, People and Profit), our coaches work either on a 1-to-1 basis or with your team.  The number one objective of our business coachesis to help your business increase turnover and achieve the growth you want to see.

We help businesses make smart, informed (and occasionally difficult) decisions, ensuring that decisive action 

  • is considered and people-centric
  • moves you toward your goals
  • works to increase your bottom line 
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Become a role model

Leadership Training

In a world of questionable global leaders, we’re optimistic that there will be a fundamental difference in the leaders of tomorrow.  Leaders with emotional intelligence, empathy and authenticity are those most likely to thrive in this brave new world.

At Think Forward, we encourage tomorrow’s leaders to embrace a mindset of fearlessness and sincerity.  We work with leaders to help cultivate a sense of social responsibility in action and to bring clarity and understanding of their strengths, areas of weakness and how their decisions impact their contemporaries, followers and environment.

Our holistic, big-picture approach to mentoring leaders focuses less on goal setting and more on creating habits and shaping behaviour that harnesses strengths to shape a better future at a personal, social, business and global level.  

More Leads

Marketing Support

We offer specialist support to clients who need assistance or supervision to implement the nitty gritty of their defined marketing strategy.

This can take the form of extra 1 on 1 sessions to maintain progress and keep things on track; training for internal staff members; utilising our team of marketing assistants to plug gaps in your resources; or something entirely different.

Our consulting specialists take a flexible approach to their work, offering the guidance or input you need based on your particular circumstances, whilst our support professionals are adept across a range of marketing skills and disciplines, making them a great resource for dealing with overflow tasks.

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Sales Support

Sales can become an all consuming beast, swallowing time and resources at every turn.

That’s why we offer a team of energetic, efficient sales support professionals to help with the nuts and bolts of your sales activities.

Repeatable tasks such as email outreach using smart automation tools or compiling template based sales proposals and quotations are responsibilities our diligent sales support staff thrive on.

Our enthusiastic support team can also utilise their polished delivery to deliver cold calling or follow-up sales calls via defined telesales scripts from our Wellington location.

Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae – let our sales support team take the strain, allowing so you can focus on the big picture.

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