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How to reach the digital natives by digi-proofing for gen-z

Are you ready for the next generation of consumers? The digital natives, the tech-savvy, the co-culture creators. A wave of consumers who only know the internet, a wave of customers who move across several devices in one hour.

An estimated 44% of Gen Z’s check their media hourly and this is your future market

My first question to you as a business owner. Are you talking their language?

Will you upload, upgrade and essentially Instafy your business with a digital footprint that rocks, or are you ok to do what you’ve always done. Because if Digi-proofing your business is important to you, then keep reading this article.

Digital Business
Will You Instafy Your Business?

My name is Kamiria and I’m the co-owner of Think Forward Ltd and I get it. I’ve run my own businesses and others for over 25 years. I have done the newspapers, the local lead gen, the banners, the flyers, the elusive WORD OF MOUTH and of course networking.

It almost feels like I’m telling a fairy tale when I talk about SUCH THINGS to my gen z staff. Their response to suggestions I’ve made in the past around original forms of marketing was a quizzical look with a flat “why aren’t you on Facebook and Instagram”. Why aren’t you digital? They seem to find mail barbaric and I’m yet to find a gen z who knows what a fax is.

So, believe me when I say this is your future customer and then ask yourself are you really prepared? Are you, really ready and do you know what ready is going to look like for your business? Because if you tell me you have a website then great, but if you can’t tell me what your website has done for you in the last hour, then that’s not great.

If you tell me, you know who your customers are, and you have a target market that’s awesome, but is that an online target market or an arbitrary group of people you think will want your product.

You might tell me that your customer experience is amazing but is that the customer experience they get physically or is that the digital experience your customer gets when they want to do business with you online.

I’m basically saying that everything you are online is going to matter as much if not more than what you are in the physical sense. Future consumers will not even engage with you as a business if your online presence is weak, hard to work with and clunky when moving from one device to the other.

Efficiency is so important to gen z so much so that a few seconds delay in a download could cost you, your sale. Nearly half of gen z say that the most important thing to them when shopping or researching online is speed. If your website or app is too slow over 60% will move on to another business to give them what they want.

Gen z want authenticity they don’t buy into the perfect life they want real talk, real people and will show little loyalty if you misuse their trust and avoid transparency.

  • Most of you would have heard of social media or influencers, are you using them?
  • Do you know what they are and how to sift through the filters to find the good ones that fit with your business?
  • Are you across several platforms and do your platforms speak to each other?
  • Do you know what language you need to use on those platforms and then what does SEO stand for?
  • Plus, what does an SEO specialist do and are they really doing the right thing for your business? 

If you answered I have no idea to the barrage of questions I just gave you then you need to talk to us at Think Forward. Is this article a lead generator HELL YES. Transparency…….

Our business was designed to do more than just help you grow, we will help you grow into a world that is coming, whilst maintaining relevance to your current world. We work with you to help you understand your digital presence and we support you through the areas that are letting you down.

We understand that strategy is an art, at the same time we also know that the digitalisation of a strategy is a mosaic…let us craft with you, your digital business mosaic to entice and enthral your future consumer. We will help you grow and give you more customers.   

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