About Think Forward

Think Forward was co-created to support businesses gain success over short, medium and long periods of time. Its passion starts with people and its driver lives in excellence. Using both the best of academia alongside real business know-how, Think Forward will co-create with you a strategy and success pathway for your business.

Our core values

We Foster Education

Education is empowerment and Think Forward believes in taking this to the next level for you and your business. Education is seen as the cornerstone of decision making and whether it be about your market, audience or strategy, Think Forward will empower your decisions through helping to educate you and those within your organisation.

We Pursue Excellence

Excellence is the rock with which Think Forward is founded on. We take every opportunity to ensure that excellence is intertwined within the fabric of any work undertaken on your behalf.

We Practice Honesty

Honesty is critical in today's world and we understand that doing business is a trust game. At every point in the relationship Think Forward honours this, practising honest and open communication at all times.

We Are Creative

Think Forward has to be creative to continue to move forward and that is exactly what we are about. Be stationary is not an option for us we will co-create with you a vision that stretches and grows the foundations of your business.

Meet the team

Mid Thomas

SKILL  Mid has an MBA from Victoria University and was part of a strategy team, offering direction and support to faculty. Alongside this Mid has had an extensive career in the fitness industry as a coach inspiring those to move to the next level.

PASSION Mid’s passion for supporting the SMB practitioner became heightened after seeing many of her friends with great ideas never get off the ground, or worse get off the ground only to lose valuable investments. She has watched as people have brought into a business only to discovered they have simply brought themselves a job.

Rob Bullen

SKILL  Rob's background is in digital strategy and developing marketing frameworks to support moving your audience through the customer lifecycle, creating customers from visitors.

PASSIONRob's passion for small business growth comes from his experience in business and realising the need for a deeper understanding of your customers to enable business success. He believes businesses need to measure and develop KPI's within sales and marketing to increase the return on investment. "If you have the digital infrastructure, everything else is just maths"