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Cats & Dogs Dinner Company

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The Company

Cats & Dogs Dinner Company

Cats & Dogs Dinner Company operate a retail shop in Kapiti and sell a vast range of quality raw meat blends online via their website. Products include meat blends sourced from farm animals as well as NZ wild shot meat blends, and all of our suppliers are MPI licensed.
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The Work

The Solution

As an established business generating revenue both through their local presence in Kapiti and an established ecommerce solution, the existing Cats & Dogs Dinner Company website had become bloated and unwieldy; difficult to navigate and confusing for visitors.

Our remit was to overhaul the design and functionality of the website in order to make the site more intuitive for visitors to use, as well as more effective at educating them on the company’s philosophy for nutrition for their pets.  These changes were imperative to ensuring that the final stage of the project – a replacement ecommerce solution featuring a simplified checkout process – would generate increased turnover in the long haul.

By creating an improved design aesthetic and reworking the structure and copy of cornerstone content within the website, we were able to drastically improve user experience and decrease the bounce-rate of visitors.

By implementing Google Analytics and various tracking codes to the website back-end, we were also able to establish performance accountability so the client could accurately measure the success of various marketing activities (campaigns and channels), in addition to getting smarter about targeting and ad buying strategy moving forward.

By establishing a solid baseline, the Cats & Dogs Dinner Company are now able to better meet the needs of their target market, educating qualified leads on the value of their products and nurturing them through sales funnels to conversion.

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