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Audience Builder – Social Media Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, social media is one of the most effective places to do it.
From an audience perspective, it makes sense, there are more than two-billion monthly active users on Facebook alone. It’s the largest social media network and it continues to grow every day.
Properly setting up your socaial media marketing strategy can help you better organise your channels, engage your audience and build authority in your market.

Business Needs

All businesses need to make ongoing, incremental relevant social media posts in order to separate themselves from their competitors and enjoy sustained success in the market. The right marketing solution will:
Identify and eliminate inefficiencies within the previous social media marketing activities
Establish you as an authority in your chosen niche
Reach your target customers in a more cost-effective manner

If your business doesn’t invest in social media content that is designed to suit your audience needs, you end up with inconsistent messaging which will create confusion and uncertaitnty for your audience. The focus needs to be on creating content that resonates with your market, and doesn’t end up costing you leads and customers and slow your long-term growth.

Delivering Results

Actionable advice

Having the benefit of an outside perspective is instrumental in taking your business to the next level. We’ll share our observations about your performance and offer strategic advice you can use to get more customers, spend less money, and build your reputation in your market.

Achieve Your Goals

Working with us on an ongoing basis offers advantages you can’t get from a one-off project. We’ll spend time with you to identify your most important goals and develop an action plan to help you reach them. Then we’ll track your performance along the way, offering advice to help you reach your goals faster in regular reporting and quarterly audits.

Channel Assets

Developing a cohesive image that reflects your businesses personality will help engage your audience. People want to work with people they like and trust, not boring, anonymous companies. We’ll consciously craft your image in a way that showcases your brand’s unique personality and encourages people to do business with you.

Lead Flow

Not all leads are created equal; the time and money it takes to acquire and nurture them adds up, especially if most of them don’t become paying customers. We’ll help you generate more qualified leads and weed out the rest, saving you time and increasing conversions.

Your Package

Strategic Consulting Sessions

Think Forward will engage in monthly strategy sessions with your team. Relying on its firsthand observations and outside perspective, Think Forward will identify potential areas where you could improve day-to-day operations and offer actionable advice to optimise performance.

Social Media Platform Management

Think Forward will manage your Facebook and Instagram accounts as well as providing assets for use on other platforms or media. Think Forward will keep these platforms updated with content tailored to appeal to your ideal customers. Think Forward will operate the chosen social media platforms in a unified voice that reflects your unique brand, and will deliver a monthly performance report at the beginning of each consulting session.


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